How can I create a query with 1:N relationship

Hello I have a database with this relationship diagram:

image description

I’m trying to create a query which is amge to provide the Father’s phone number (ID pai is the key of the user which a father), and I don’t know how.

This is what I’ve tried:
image description

But I’m is not possible put on Criterion of “Numero telemovel” (phone’s number) “ID Utilizador = ID Pai”.

How can I do it?


Please attach a copy of your database to your question and then we can help constructing a query for you.

The attachments you have made to your question do not appear.

Thank you and I’m sorry for the incovinient.
I cannot post the full database because it has personal data from its members.
I hope these links could help.

Otherwise I could make a copy and clean all the data if it is necessary!