How can I create a set of address labels with text and an image in each label?

For 30 years I have used WordPerfect to create a photo roster. Each roster entry is on an Avery 5160 label and consists of an image of a person followed by name and address information. (I would like to paste a jpg sample here but cannot seem to do so.)

I set up a spreadsheet such that each row contains name and address information for one person in various cells and an image in its own cell. I can then use MailMerge to fill in a sequence of labels. The problem is that only the text information is transferred to the labels but not the images.

I can create labels with only the text information and then insert images in each label. However, if later I need to insert a new person in alphabetic order I cannot shift labels around to create a new blank label because the images (even anchored) cannot be moved.

WordPerfect treats individual label as a logical page and new pages can be inserted or deleted as needed with the image treated as part of the label.


Have you ever used the Labels Assistant (menu File/New). It can copy text or text fields by Synchronisation. Also images, but not different ones.
It is an unsolved issue (MailMerge) to set in different images in the same way as different text which roots are grounded in a base or calc file. Some specialists may have solved the issue on base/report but that’s a field I am not able to work on…