How can I create a standalone form which, when exited, actually retains the data rather than causing libreoffice to "stop responding"?


I’ve created a simple, single table database with lookup values in most of the records. The computer is running 64 bit linux mint 17 with LO

I have created a form which requires the user to select the date and then to choose a value in each of 7 fields, each of which is a list in 6 of the cases and a yes/no radio button in the 7th.

When I run the form from within the database everything seems fine. Records are being added and the database closes when I ask it to.

When I then create a standalone form (save a copy) and link it back to the database and the single table then problems occur. When I enter data and click on the new record button the database seems to have behaved as expected. However, when I then close the form it will ask if I want to save the changes (which I don’t, though sometimes I do just for a bit of vatiety) then nothing happens. If I click on the X to close the window again then I get a message that the application is not responding and asks me to either wait or to foce the closure. Waiting for several minutes accomplishes nothing. Forcing closure shuts everything down but when I then look at the table I note that no data has been saved. This happens every time.

Any thoughts?

I’d be happy to post the database to anyone that wants to take a look at it?

copying the DB to my w7 premium laptop and creating the standalone form results in perfect behaviour, no issues at all…

is this a Writer form? LO 4.4 and 5.0 seem better at terminating the database connection without error, see if updating helps.

Make sure your database is registered. I think that may be the problem.

If not, and you do not want to recreate it this is the only way I know how to fix it:

  1. Open calc
  2. Click “View” at the top menu
  3. Select “Data Sources”
  4. The top left white box will show databases that are registered. You should see “Bibliography” by default.
  5. Right click inside the white box and select “Registered Databases”.
  6. Select “New” at the bottom of the registered databases window
  7. Just point it to where your database is located. Name it whatever you like and hit ok.
  8. Now your registered databases area should update showing the name and location of your db
  9. Make sure that you have selected “Save copy as” from inside whichever form you would like to be Standalone. It saves in .ODT format
  10. Open the .odt file and make sure your forms are referencing the database as a data source. If it is working, just the name of the database will be there. Not the path to the database or anything else.