How can I create an onion diagram?

I can create an onion diagram in Visio, but am away from my office so need to use LO. Can’t see a way of doing this, any help or advice welcome!

I am not that much into charting. As I see it, there is no direct way to create onion charts.

What do you think of using an concentric bubble chart instead?
Place them on different spots first, modify color/transparency as you please and, lastly, make them concentric.

Bubble Chart.ods

Or wait for the experts to answer :slight_smile:

Take it easy. Try SmART.

Thanks. Note: extension uses the term “target” to refer to the onion-type diagram.

Create the diagram in Draw using a series of concentric circles and text labels. Example ODG.

I like that solution, too. However, you have to calculate the area by hand. Not much of a deal, though.