How can I create more than 3 filters on a query?

I only see three options for filtering queries and forms. I’d like to create more. How can I apply more than 3 filters?

When using the dialog there are only three items as you stated. After completion the filter box may look something like this ( "Test2"."ID" = 32 ) OR ( "Test2"."ID" = 33 ) OR ( "Test2"."ID" = 36 ). You can always add directly onto this string whatever conditions such as ( "Test2"."ID" = 32 ) OR ( "Test2"."ID" = 33 ) OR ( "Test2"."ID" = 36 ) OR ( "Test3"."ID" = 26)

Additional Info:
Sorry, you did ask about queries also. The above refers to forms. With queries you are probably referring to the Wizard. At the last step of the wizard, select Modify the Query. There you can add more filtering under Criterion.

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Thank you for explaining that.