how can I create qrcode containing CR LF

After Insert - Object - QR-code I can only enter a single line of text.
But I need to create a QRcode with multiple lines of text (separated by CR-LF or \r\n)
Is there an option (or a trick) to do that?

Inserting QR-codes is common functionality in Writer, Calc etc. since LO6.4 and this dialog is unchanged in LO7.0; I’m using Windows10

Impossible to answer your question because of lack of information.

You tagged common. Does it mean you’re trying to insert in Writer, Calc, Impress, Draw, Math and to a lesser extent Base? If not, retag your question with the component you’re using.

What is your OS and LO version?

For any useful addition to your question, edit it (answers do not open a thread (conversation) and are reserved for solutions.

You are welcome to file a request to enhance the dialog to use multiline control instead of single-line. However note that such a control would likely not be enough for your task.

There is already a request (tdf#128779) to allow API access to QR code generator (which would be a requirement to control which specific codes get written there: e.g., I am not sure that a multiline control would write CRLF or LF alone; so only using the API, could you generate strings with specific char sequences, where UI might create variable content).

Thanks for the suggestion - I will do that.
I would prefer a simple solution like using \r \n in a single text field (a larger field size would be nice).