How can I cure blinking text?

Build ID: c4c7d32d0d49397cad38d62472b0bc8acff48dd6
Locale: en_GB
Windows 8.1

The text blinks at about 1Hz. with the exception of the chapter heading.

I had a similar problem when I upgraded from Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (Trusty Tahr) to Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial Xerus).

I had an RTF document with blinking text. I found out that the blinking text had the control word \animtext2 and I removed all its occurrences from my document. That fixed the problem.

To avoid seeing blinking text in other documents, I went to
“Tools > Options > LibreOffice > Accessibility”
and I unchecked
“Miscellaneous Options > Allow animated text”.

Very similar path here, an upgrade of Mint and suddenly an RTF file had some blinking text.

Maybe some a style was changed inadvertently.

I actually have the same problem. Most (if not all) .docx attachment I receive via email from clients arrive here blinking. I use Linux Mint 17.2 64 Cinnamon, Latest LibreOffice. I know how to solve the issue, but it’s nevertheless annoying.
No chance this happens inadvertently. Possibly a bug?

I you think so, please report the bug, without forget to attach a sample file.

We are seeing this as well with the ‘fresh’ releases of Libre Writer 5.x

Documents may be edited in both Writer and Word and have a .DOCx extension.

Can’t figure out what sequence turns the blinking ON, but it happens somewhat frequently and is annoying.

We are certainly NOT editing a STYLE; some process might be but we are not going in and turning this ON.

Can you try to create a minimal file where to reproduce the issue and attach it here?

I had the IDENTICAL problem. However, I solved it by noting the post below by m.a.riosv – I did check styles and sure enough - all the text was set to blinking. As ‘registrationsucks’ says - most DEFINITELY did not change the style. I will post an example later today if I can.

I thing it has something to do with docx formating (and its convertion to odt) . If i remove formating blinking stops…

In my text document I only had a paragraph blinking (annoying).
What I did was to highlight this paragraph and because it was on “Default Style” I changed it to “Text Body” and it stopped blinking but it changed the line spacing. I went back to the “Default Style” and it brought back my format without the blinking.
The experience of “m.a.riosv” above which I applied didn’t help in my case.

So there is no answer for this obvious bug. Cool stuff.

So there is no answer for this obvious bug. Cool stuff.

I had the same issue. I fixed mine with:
Format->Character->(Font Effects Tab)->uncheck Blinking

Thank you. This worked immediately.

I have to uncheck that every time I open a docx. When it’s closed and re-opened…blinking once again!!! I didn’t even select for the text to blink to begin with. I am beyond frustrated. Why does it go back to blinking every time?! Doses it happen to you too?