How can I data merge from database so that I get a document section per data row?

I want to do something like mail merge that I believe is known as data merge.

I have a Calc data table which I can use as a datasource and I want to do a data merge so that each data row is merged into a subsection of my Writer document.
Essentially I would like to create a template within Writer and then say to duplicate that and fill in the field names for each row in the datasource.

I’ve tried to use mail merge by creating a single document from the mail merge and then copy/paste into my main document in the relevant heading so that each row appears as a subheading but I then have to go back through the document to remove the page number restart and section heading restart as these have been done to keep the sections and page numbers as if they are separate documents.

Any suggestions for how to do this or is this a feature request?