How can I delete icons from the Styles Sidebar toolbar

I’m currently using LO, and it’s been a while since I used LO so I updated to this. I just went to work on an existing document and noticed the Styles Sidebar has two icons I’d not seen before on the right of the Toolbar - Fill Format Mode and Styles Actions

I don’t know how long those icons have been on the bar, but the last time I wrote on any of the documents I could close the sidebar window up to the minimum I needed to view the Applied Styles listed in it. Now, thanks to these 2 icons the sidebar will not let me close the window down to that narrow space. This means it’s now a bit over double what it needs to be and that cuts into the size of the document window I can open on the monitor, thus making life harder for me to work on the documents.

Thus I need a way to let me close up the width of the sidebar window so some of the icons are hidden, the way it used to be in the earlier versions, or a way to delete these 2 icons, and any others I don’t use so I can narrow the window. Can you please tell me how to manage either of these actions.

Since I’ve not got an answer I’ll lodge a bug report on the matter if it still happens in LO 7.1 . I’m am closing this question.