How can I display the result from a time calculation as hours with two decimals, for example "1.25 hours"

I’m doing a calculation where I deduct one timestamp from another. I want the result in hours with two decimals, for example 16:00-15:30 would be 0.5 hours. What cell format should I use?

Calc stores all timestamps as a decimal value where 1 equals 24 hours. So you could just do the calculation and display it in a cell without setting the format of the cell and get the decimal hours format by multiplying the cell by 24.


   A                         B                           C
2  12:00                     13:30                       =(B2-A2)*24

You will see 1,5 in cell C2.

I have calculated hours per day, the sum of these hours is 19:30 in HH:MM format, all of which is fine and correct. Multiplying the 19:30 by 24 gives me 12 in “13” format or 12:00 in HH:MM format but 19.50 in number format, 0.00 which solves [finally] my aim to get total $ for total time spent. Hope this helps