How can I distribute X-Axis Values not equally but relativ to their size?

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Of course I am using LibreOffice Calc ( and want to create a Diagram, Lineplot.
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These are measurements and the measurement points (X-Axis) are not equally distributed (“finer”) in lower number regions. But now x(70) is as far from x1(00) as x(2000) from x(3000) which distorts the Data I want to show.

How can I have them distributed equally to their size and a line-graph interpolated in between?

Thanks so much! I am an avid forum user in my area of expertise as well and hope this is a good post with all relevant info.

If you want the x-axis to be a linear scale, that is with equally-spaced divisions all the way along, then you could try plotting your data on an x-y scatter plot (the name is a bit misleading). When you choose a chart type from the menu, choose “XY (Scatter)”

That’s exactly what s/he does not want :wink:

Guess I didn’t understand the meaning intended by "distributed equally to their size’, and that the example diagram linked was in fact desirable. Please ignore my suggestion.

Now I think I was wrong and you were right. The diagram linked in the question seems to show the behaviour the OP does not want and wants an XY diagram instead.

Use a Line diagram, but make the first column a category range instead of a data series range, i.e. copy the UCE Y-Values range to Categories and then delete UCE from the Data Series list.

Just tell me if this was wrong and I’ll delete the answer.