How can I divide Time by Distance to figure pace in Base

I recently made a running log with a shoe closet in Base. The only missing element to this database is a field to calculate “Pace” by taking Time/Distance. Ideally I would like it to populate in my Workout Info Table automatically but it seems that it must be done through SQL or a Report. If I perform the report the time that is output for pace is very screwy. Here is the example of what happens in the report:

Date | Distance | Time | Pace = (Time/Distance)

MM/DD/YY | 1234.5678 | [HH]:MM:SS | MM:SS.00

02/01/14 | 6.1000 | 00:42:47 | 20:39.34 (Should be 07:00.82)

Note: When doing this calculation using the same formats in my old Calc running log it performs it correctly.

What is the best way to calculate pace in Base? Do I have to create some JavaScript or other function to perform this correctly? Any help is greatly appreciated and thanks in advance.

You are assuming the TIME data is stored as an underlying number, and so it’s meaningful to divide by another number to get the result. But maybe TIME data is not stored this way in SQL(?), and that is what creates your problem. So, have you tried converting time to seconds, and then doing the division? Just an idea.