How can I do simultaneous selecting and vertical scrolling in Writer

Hello, could you help me please? How can I enable vertical scrolling with mouse wheel while the left mouse button is pressed? Basically what I want is to select and scroll down.
I use Linux Lubuntu. LibreOffice Writer Version: Simultaneous selecting and scrolling is working in Chrome, for example, so the problem is with the Writer.

Don’t see any problem on Mint 18 with LO v5.3.4.2. No settings I know of for this.


Turning the wheel while keeping the click pressed seems difficult to me

I do not know an option that activates this kind of selection but the default mode seems to me more practical:

  • Click to mark the beginning of the selection in the document,
  • Scroll with the scroll wheel,
  • Shift + Click to mark the end of the selection?


Thanks a lot! That’s what I need!