How can i edit content for wordpress blog on libreoffice

When i am coping my libreoffice content on wordpress blog post and when i have added numbering in article it showing only 1 1 1 like numbing it not make it ordered list.
please give me the solution

Sadly, the only “solution” is to not use LibreOffice for that: a lot of “extra” html code is copied together with the content and that’s what gives you all the trouble (just open the “html” tab on the WordPress editor to see what’s being pasted).

The best you can do from Writer to WordPress is to paste without formatting (Ctrl Shift V) but even in that case you’ll get some trouble with paragraph breaks, so a lot of reformatting will be needed.

Sorry for not providing a real answer, my only advice here is to either use the WordPress editor or to look for another HTML editor.