How can I edit wiki posts, now that I have >75 karma?

This week I finally got my karma to over 75. When I hover over the karma link to the right of my user name, the list of “things I can do” says I can “Edit community wiki posts”. However, when I come across any community wiki post, question or answer, there is no link “edit” like I see in my own questions and answers.

How can I edit these posts?

Instead of an edit this question or edit this answer link directly under the post, you can get to the edit form via the question’s or answer’s revision history.

The last person to have changed anything in the wiki post (i.e. asked the question, posted an answer or updated a post) is shown directly below the “This post is a wiki” box. Click the “updated <…> ago” or "updated " link to go to the revision history. If you have enough karma (75 or higher), there is an “edit” link for each revision. By default, any of these edit links will present the edit form for the latest revision, but you could select an earlier revision and start editing from there.

Yes. Once you reach 200 karma (edit the questions / answers of others) it becomes easier / clearer as you then have the expected “edit” link.