How can I embed a .zip file in Writer


A client’s IT email policy does not allow zipped files to be received. These are automatically detected and removed from their mail server.

My colleagues are able to embed the zipped file in MS Word, and the client is then able to retrieve and open the file, within the document.

I have not been successful in doing this in LibreOffice. I tried embedding the zip file, using Insert → Object → OLE Object → Create from file. I get a ‘file corrupt’ message and LO requests to try repair the file…gives a ‘General OLE’ error.

Copy and paste also does not work, as it does in Word.

A Word document with an embedded file also gives a “General OLE error” message.

I am using Mac OS X Lion 10.7.5 running LibreOffice
Any help would be appreciated.

Don’t know if this is possible in LibreOffice Writer. Have looked around and can’t find an option.

But maybe you are trying to solve the problem the wrong way. Don’t know what is the case of removing zip files in your company, but maybe e-mail system (probably some security software on the same server) does not remove zip files itself, but it decompresses them and looks for the content inside of the zip file. If file inside zip file is suspicious it removes whole zip file from e-mail. To avoid this I suggest to try adding a password on zip file. Try something like: When security program on e-mail system tries to decompress zip-passworded file it can’t, because it does not know the password itself. But in this case most probably security program will not delete the attachment, because it assumes there was some human involved in passwording the file… Don’t forget to write a password in e-mail. When end-users gets the e-mail, then after double clicking on the zip file dialog pops-up asking for password.

If this does not help, then nicely ask IT staff what are the files type that are allowed to be attached in e-mail.