How can I enable version control in LibreOffice Writer as default?

How can I enable “version” as a default option, under LibreOffice Writer file’s menu?
it could be useful to activate version option via GPO o natively.
Could it be possible? By default, it is to be selected for each file.odt

Computing environment:
Windows Server domain;
Windows 10 professional client;
Libreoffice x64 installed on each machine

Please edit your question to provide more details on what you mean with “version control” as it can be understood in various ways. Mention your OS name and LO version and eventually if you are familiar or use version control tools like Git or others.

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Still not clear about your use case after the update. Please describe what you mean with a “version”.

There is a limited version control with File>Versions and it is always available. Do you mean this feature?

Yes, i mean that option. I have to select it everytime however. It could be useful if i could set it on by default

Without much information about your purpose and your knowledge of Writer features, here are bits of information.

File>Versions becomes enabled once the documents has been saved.

When you want to record a “snapshot” of your document, File>Versions and press Save New Version. There is also a check box labelled Always save a new version on closing. This may be what you are looking for.

I recommend you experiment first to see if this fits your need. I warn you this is a rudimentary feature which has adverse effects. When you decide to revert to a previous version, this makes all later versions inaccessible!

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Note that the setting is saved in file, so is “templatable”.