How can I export a chart from Calc to a JPEG file in landscape?

Currently, in order to export a chart from Calc to a JPEG file I have to click outside the chart to deselect it, then right-click on the chart to get a context menu, and then choose “export as an image.” This brings up a dialogue to choose the location and type of file, and to enter a name for the JPEG file, but there is no way that I can see to choose orientation. The export always comes out in portrait, but I need landscape.

Is there an easier way?

I have managed to do this in the past (see attached image), but Calc no longer provides a choice and uses portrait by default.


I do not get that question - an image doesn’t have something like an orientation as pages have. It has 2 dimensions (height x width) and you can rotate an image, but doesn’t have something like a portrait or landscape “page” (whatever “page” should mean here). Could you please upload a sample file?

Once the image is created, what you say is correct, but Calc creates the image when you export it, and it is creating the image in a portrait orientation. I have managed to get charts exported from Calc in landscape mode in the past, but do not remember how I did it. I am sure that, at one point, Calc provided an orientation choice during the export process, but that no longer happens. I will post an image below showing charts that have been exported in the past, and recently.

Opaque - I have added the image to the original post…

You can set width and heigth only choosing menu File - Export…. Tested with LibreOffice (x86); OS: Windows 6.1.

Maybe it is a thumbnail issue.

In the export dialog, tick the box that says Selection

@EarnestAl, Selection is not present when you choose Export as Image from the context menu.

@LeroyG you are right, I only use File > Export so I can set resolution and size. I should have read the question properly, or followed method described.

IF dadepfan is on Windows, it might be worth just Restarting the computer and seeing if issue still exists. I had a Windows Update yesterday and that always creates weirdness until Restarted

Solved it - see the “Answer”

Thanks everyone for the help. It turns out that the actual problem was with the dimensions I had set for the chart itself in the Calc spreadsheet. I changed those dimensions so that the chart was wider than tall, and that worked.

Please note that when using “right-click, Save As Image” while having the cursor over the non-selected chart in the spreadsheet, the resulting save dialogue does NOT have a “Selection” box available to check (see the image above). When using the File/Export menu option, there IS a selection box available to check, but when you click “Save” and get the JPEG properties dialogue, you CAN change the dimensions, BUT you CANNOT change the ratio of the dimensions you have set for the chart itself in the spreadsheet.

So, the only solution was to change the properties of the chart so that it is wider than it is tall, and THEN do the export.