How can I export images to a single PDF with pages of different dimensions?

I’m really only concerned with trying to combine multiple images for on-screen viewing, so I’m trying to figure out how to export a PDF with pages that are the same ratio as the full-size images.

For example, I have a series of full-page screenshots of a website that I would like to export as a PDF without scaling the images down and shoving them into a Letter page size. Is this possible?

If you have screenshots (full screen) of the same size you can adjust the page size to them. An easy to handle tool for that is Photo Album (Impress). Be aware that optimal screen solution (around 72 ppi) differs from optimal print solution (300 dpi). For testing insert a single image in Impress and check Original Size and use the values for page size.

If you have different sizes of screenshots resp. parts of them you can open them in GIMP and create a seamless PDF file of each single image. Later on you may merge them into a single PDF file, there are some tools to do that like pdfmod (Linux) or probably pdfSAM (Linux and Windows).

For advanced proceeding search on the internet “image to pdf bash” (or, instead of bash use batch). You will find some useful hints there.

on Linux this is quite easy: convert -verbose ${FileList} ${PDFFile}


FileList="image1.jpg image2.jpg......"  

convert is part of ImageMagick and using LibreOffice would be a detour.

PS: There is also an ImageMagick Windows version, but I’ve never used that, so I cannot tell, whether it’s that easy as well.