how can I export LibreOffice Writer file to epub/mobi format (Windows 8, LibreOffice 4.3)

Windows 8 with LibreOffice 4.3. I want to publicate an e-book in epub and mobi format.

For ePub this OpenOffice extension could be used for Writer as well:
Download it like a LibO extension and install it in Writer: Tools > Extension manager > Add…

Some additional links:

If ROSt52’s solution doesn’t work for you from within LO, you could take a look at Pandoc ( ), an open-source tool that converts documents between different formats.

My personal experience is that the best result is obtained by using Calibre for the conversion. You can download the application here:

Save the document as .odt and convert to epub and mobi with Calibre.

I am also facing this problem …docx to epub conversion works well in application level export as epub method. But In programing(php) or command line level it not work …Please anybody kindly share your valuable suggestions to fix this issue(Windows 8, LibreOffice 4.2 with extension Writer2xhtml) …