How can I export my slides in a batch as a high resolution quality set of .png files for importing into a 1920x1080 video?


I create videos for online presentations and I intersperse slides between head and shoulder shots and screen recordings. The videos are recorded at 1920x1080 (soon to be 4K) I want to export my slides quickly as .png files at a high resolution so as to then import the slides into Adobe Premiere. The best I can do is to export them one by one (takes ages) or use the export as .html wizard which is limited to 1024x768 which is too poor a quality to use in a video.

Is there any way to do this? At the moment I have to open them with a certain other product which has a clunky interface to say the least in order to export them and then slides come out at the required resolution.

Kind regards
Mike Howell

You do not say what operating system you are using.
The free PDF-XChange Viewer on Windows will easily export an entire PDF to separate PNGs for each page.
You can set the desired resolution from 72 dpi up to 2400 dpi.
So do an Export to PDF from Impress, and then export the PNGs from PDF-XChange Viewer.
Should take less than five minutes.