How can I extract photos from a .doc text document?

I’m importing .doc files into InDesign to lay out a book with many photos. The photos are all embedded in my client’s text files, and I would like to get them all into a folder where I can batch process them using PS.

It is not possible with DOC files as these are binary, however you can always save these files into an XML-based format (e.g., ODT) and then use the method suggested by @lactea.

Sorry, I have missed that @Stand0fish is struggeling with .doc-files. Going from .doc over .odt to .zip will work, though.

That is quite easy. Make a copy of your file and rename the ending. Change



Open this file as archive and change to /Pictures. They are right there.

lactea’s answer is true. Also it’s better to first export document to .docx first. Because, Images will be in order and name better.
Then, You can also use this script to extract pictures of .docx document faster.