How can I extract the BMP from a META_BMPSCALE_ACTION or SVM file


I tried extracting the BMP from a SVM inside a document, by finding the META_BMPSCALE_ACTION and extracting its payload.
However the resulting BMP has the correct header and starts well, but is not a proper BMP.
Im not sure where to turn to figure this out!

Hi @cgullcharlie,

What’s the file format of this document? What program did you use to create the document?

The LO developers might be able to help you here, but we’ll need a bit more information first so we can point you in the right direction.

@cgullcharlie - Still interested in the answer to your question?

META_BMPSCALE does not mean it is a .bmp embedded - I’m sorry - it is a Bitmap :slight_smile: see:


VCL_DLLPUBLIC MetaBmpScaleAction : public MetaAction

    Bitmap              maBmp;
    Point               maPt;
    Size                maSz;

I imagine we serialize that Bitmap in as random a way as possible :slight_smile: nothing standard - but just a guess.