How can I find and delete complete duplicate rows of a CSV file in LibreOffice Calc?


I have a csv-file which I would like to work on in LibreOffice Calc. It has several columns with all a different type of information in each column (date, text, number…). I need to find and remove all the duplicate rows completely (so not simply duplicate cells). How could I do this?

Thank you in advance!

You can do this easily using the Standard Filter with the options “No duplications” and “Copy result to”. Just try.

This can be done even easier and faster using the Remove Duplicates Fast extension.


Using Filter

I recorded this video tutorial several years ago for another question. But it’s clear how to use the Standard Filter to remove takes (this is not in the video - you need to set the checkbox “No duplications”).

Nevertheless, I strongly recommend that you follow the link, download and install the extension - you will save a lot of time and effort.

I don’t understand what I need to do in the Standard filter. What do I have to fill in? It also only seems able to look at columns instead of rows?


@JohnSUN way is better than mine. In Condition left = and in Value select Not empty.

@JohnSUN and @LeroyG Thank you both very much for your help! It is very much appreciated!


A hand made solution:

  • open the CSV file in a text editor (Notepad or the like);

  • copy all lines and paste in a Calc spreadsheet as text (say in column B);

  • Sort by column B;

  • in a adjacent column (say column A) write the formula =B1=B2, and copy this formula until the last line;

  • now you can delete all lines wich result in TRUE.

If you wish to separate all the duplicated lines in a few “shots”:

  • copy results in column A;

  • paste speciall as Text on the same cells;

  • sort by column A.

Now you can select all data cells (in column B) next to FALSEresults and paste it in a text editor, and save as .csv.
When you open it in Calc, you will have each data in a different column.