how can I find my deleted part back?

I deleted a part of my document and safed that document afterwards, how can i find it back

In the future, besides the answers below, you could make sure your file is being backed up online somewhere that has versioning support. This would permit you to recover the older version and the deleted text.

Unless you adopted a consistent backup strategy, you can’t. Once you left LO, it is too late. If you realise you made a mistake before quitting, you can Edit>Undo repetitively until you retrieve the state you need. The undo history is erased when you quit the application.

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Lara LL,

Check in menu Tools - Options… - LibreOffice - Load/Save - General - Save subtitle if the box next to Always create backup copy is active. If so, continue reading one paragraph below. If not, check it, so that it can save your work the next time.

Look LibreOffice path for Backups. That in Tools - Options… - LibreOffice - Paths - Backups.

Open a instance of a file explorer and look up for the file name on this path. Copy the file and rename the extension from «.bak» a «.odt».

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