How can I find my old questions?

I put some questions here long ago, and I can’t find them. How can I do it?

Clicking on your user name at the top of the site allows you to go to your user profile overview. Your questions are all listed there. And they are only two. It’s possible that you had used a different login? or maybe some different language of the Ask site (I don’t know if different languages all keep the questions/answers in the single profile overview, but know that they have separate karma counters, so everything possible)?

@mikekaganski FYI - It appears only karma is separate in different language sites. Questions, answers and Badges all seem to follow the user.

@Ratslinger: thanks!

@mikekaganski, @Ratslinger: is there a handy way to search through own answers when they are numerous? There are only 10 per screen.

@ajlittoz: none I know about. :frowning: I always either step through the pages, or use google for a name and site (like "Mike Kaganski" <some search term>

@ajlittoz Actually there is a way to search your answers but not through the existing screen you know of. Please ask as a new question as the answer is more lengthy than allowed for here. Will answer ASAP.

Done, see here