How can I get a feature returned to LO which was erroneously removed as a bug?

Windows 7 64bit system

Earlier versions of LO (4.2.0) allowed the deletion of files from within the File Manager screen. Newer versions do not. The only remaining function that can be carried out in the File Manager is “rename”.

When I reported this as a bug, I was informed on Bugzilla that the feature was considered a “bug” because it deleted the file permanently rather than sending it to the Trash Bin. This did not bother me, but apparently some users felt this was a bug and the development team removed it, I feel without considering other alternatives. Other programs handle this situation by opening a warning box that says: “Caution, this action will permanently delete this file. Do you wish to proceed?” Normally there would also be a check box that says: “Do not show this again” allowing the knowledgeable user to dispense with the warning in the future if they wished.

Removal of this feature from the “File Manager” has seriously impacted my workflow. I read serial fiction that is posted on line. I also edit for a couple of authors. When an author posts a new chapter, I append it to the existing file and save it as new file with the new chapter number. So my files start with StoryName 1- and then I get StoryName 1-2, StoryName 1-3, StoryName 1-4, etc… All of these earlier chapters remain until I open a separate file manager program and delete them. It was so much easier to be able to delete the extraneous files from within LO.

So how do I get this feature reinstated in LO?

I think you have a simple solution, disable the option in Menu/Tools/LibreOffice/General - Use LibreOffice dialogs, so you can use the OS dialogs.

I agree that it will work but the Windows system dialogs are harder to navigate than the LO ones are. For one thing, LO remembers where I was last in LO, but the Windows dialogs go to where I was last in the Windows systems. They are also uglier.

I would rather the feature be added back to LO since I believe it was a mistake to remove in the first place so who do I contact to make my case?