How can I get a slide name placeholder in Impress and Draw?

I make use of naming my slides in Impress and Draw. On many occasions I need that name displayed in my slides. There is no menu item for inserting a slide name placeholder, which makes me believe that this functionality does not exist yet.

Is there still a way to programmatically create such a placeholder or do I have to make a suggestion to the developers?


In version 5.3 (I do not know when this feature was introduced) InsertFieldPage Title actually inserts the name of the slide (must be in Normal View).

According to my tests the update is not dynamic: if you rename a slide, the field is not updated instantly, it will be updated after reloading the document for example.

Moreover, it seems that this functionality does not work when the field is included in the master page: all the slides created display the name of the first page.


It is a shame that is not well-implemented, but it answers my question. :slight_smile: