How can I get a text wrapped inside a rectangular shape in Calc?

I use in Calc often colored boxed with text to have good visible notes on top of data, charts etc.

The problem I experience is that I cannot get the text fitting automatically inside the box.

The picture below describes the situation

Even with Fit to frame checked the text goes left and right outside the box
Word wrap text in shape is grey and cannot be used.

What do I make wrong?

Thanks in advance for hints!

LibO on XP

Hi ROSt52, maybe you are creating a rectangle with text, using the Text bottom works for me and you can set a background as you like.

@mariosv - Thanks for the workaround, which works for rectangular elements. I consider to file a bug report because the ability to write in colored boxes or other shapes should work.

As mariosv wrote, if you use Text from Drawing toolbar everything works fine: you can wrap text, and set border and background color. There’s no bug here.