How can I get human help on this site?

I reported a problem with the profile data.
I sent a message using the form in “Give feedback”
I have no idea if it was sent (shouldn’t I receive a copy of the sent message at my email?) but I haven’t received an answer.
Shouldn’t there be an email contact?

You received multiple replies at your gmail address. And your concern has already been adressed/the message in the profile has been clarified…
And no, why should you receive a copy of the mail you did send?

Furthermore: Not suitable question for this platform. Mail the website list or the admin-handles (webmaster, postmaster,…) directly when you have issues with the infrastructure.

EDIT: Apologies, there apparently was a typo in the mail-address - there is an “o” too much… Will forward you the messages…
And to clarify: using the feedback form to report issues is of course OK, but this very question is not suitable for the platform

I still think that the form should send a copy of the message to the user’s email. This works as a proof that you did send feedback and also as a timestamp.