How can I get more fonts

I don’t see any available fonts. I did check on the Tools, Options, LibreOffice, View section. I’m looking to install more fonts if possible.

[ @qubit1 ]

LibreOffice, bundled (built-in) fonts (on Windows)

(path: ...\Program_Files\LibreOffice_x.y\share\fonts\truetype)

@manj_k – Thanks. Outside of git, is there a place I can find the list of fonts currently shipping in LO? (e.g. the wiki)

@qubit1: Not really. — (1) Libreoffice-ux-advise · Typography — (2) Design/Wishlists/Fonts

The set of fonts is not property of the office suite, but only the configuration of your operating system. Install the necessary fonts in the system and they will be available in office applications.

LibreOffice doesn’t provide any fonts? I can’t seem to find documentation one way or the other