How do I get rid of unwanted fonts on a Win7 installation of LO?

When I installed LibreOffice on my new laptop (running Win7), it installed a WHOLE lot of unwanted fonts, well over 100. When I try to delete these, I am told they are protected files and cannot be deleted. This happens repeadtedly when going through the Control Panel in Win7. None of the fonts was marked Read Only, nor were they hidden. Trying to delete them in Windows Safe Mode was also not successful. I made sure I was logged in as the Admin, and that I had full privileges. I thought perhaps to move them to another drive but there is no option in Windows Explorer to Move the files, only to Copy them. If I could move them to another drive, I would at least not see this huge list of unwanted fonts when I access the font field in a document or spreadsheet.

So… how do I get rid of them? There HAS to be a way?

Refer to this link for installed fonts in Win7. Your discribed procedure works on my Win7 64-Bit with one weird thing: I have to delete each font two times???

On the other hand Dell is known to modify Windows and is sometimes picky in doing standard things on other Windows machines.

LibreOffice comes with the fonts listed below, for a total of 70 font files.

  1. DejaVu Sans
  2. DejaVu Sans Condensed
  3. DejaVu Sans Mono
  4. DejaVu Serif
  5. DejaVu Serif Condensed
  6. Gentium Basic
  7. Gentium Book
  8. Liberation Mono
  9. Liberation Sans
  10. Liberation Sans Narrow
  11. Liberation Serif
  12. Linux Biolinum G
  13. Linux Libertine G
  14. Linux Libertine Display G
  15. Open Symbol
  16. Open Sans
  17. PT Serif
  18. Source Code Pro
  19. Source Sans Pro

The last four families started shipping with LibreOffice 4.0.

Please see the image in this Q&A, posted by @manj_k, which shows all font files installed by LibreOffice on MS Windows.

In your font field you would see a list containing the fonts listed above, but not each of the 70 font files, as many of them correspond to one style (e.g., bold or italic) of a given font face.

Batang, Gautami and the other fonts you mention come bundled with Windows 7, as you can confirm by looking at the link provided by @horst in his answer

Please correct me if I’m missing something on that list.

This is a brand new computer from Dell, and I did one thing with it, install LibreOffice. So if it has a virus, it came form Dell or The Document Group (both scenarios are unlikely). Windows7 of course has some fonts of it’s own, and my number of over 100 is counting them and all the separate listings for each font, i.e. Ariel, Ariel Bold, Ariel Italic, etc. The majority for these unwanted fonts seem to foreign language related.

I really don’t think this is a virus. I have noted the same exact problem reported on Linux forums, but the solutions they propose assume that Linux is the operating system, and don’t relate well to Windows.

See also: LibreOffice, bundled (built-in) fonts (on Windows)

@manj_k Thank you for the link. I have added it to my updated answer. @Bookbear, could you please provide a link to the Linux forums where a similar problem is reported?

Let me make clear, the fonts HAD to have come from LibreOffice (they were not present on the machine out of the box from Dell), and the only other program on this machine besides Win7 is LibreOffice. The fonts are all foreign language fonts, Bantang, Browallia, Dotum, Gautami, Gungshu, Iskoola Pota, etc. etc.