How can I get rid of the WorkGroup and requirement for a Pass Word?

I am new to this LibreOffice Writer.

I want to access my files on my PC C and E drives. I do not find those drives listed. I went to “Other Locations” and there I get this pop up block with my name in the username block with a “domain” of work group and it’s prompting me for a pass word.

It’s just me on my PC wanting to get to open my files and I can not o it with this so how do I get rid of it?

And where do I find the lists of directories on both the C: and the E: drives so I can get to the directories with my files in them?

I just recently downloaded this LibreOffice Writer and am running it on Ubuntu 18.4

Thank you.

Just guessing, but under Ubuntu your “C” drive is probably called Computer and your documents should be, by default, stored in the Documents directory which should appear in the left-hand sidebar using the Files file manager. If it doesn’t appear there, just double-click on Computer, then Home, then your user name and navigate to Documents.

As for your “E” drive, it seems that Ubuntu is asking for your admin or root password before mounting “E”, since “E” is apparently not set for automatic mounting on boot.

Sorry, it was late when I commented on your question; forgot to add : The “C” and “E” names of your drives were assigned under your old Windows operating system. Ubuntu Linux probably does not know those names and will call the drives something else. As already mentioned, “C” is probably called just Computer. Your “E” drive might be called by its size in gigabytes. In Ubuntu, you can give the drives names that are more convenient, but that is a separate operation from LibreOffice. I hope this helps.