How can I get the cursor for selection to be an arrow? It stays as hand in LO Draw?

I’m using Version: (now upgraded from, and the cursor in Draw is the open glove/hand for selection instead of the arrow. It used to be an arrow. How do I get the arrow “back”, which the standard in my last version was an arrow that became a hand when the cursor moved over something that had already been selected and then a grabbing hand when the mouse button was clicked on something that had been selected. This meant I could tell when I was over the right thing and what had and hadn’t been selected in a collection of objects.

Hit the Esc key or hit the arrow in the drawing tool bar. Old problem since former versions of OpenOffice IMHO.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t appear to be the solution. I’m using LO now.
Clicking the arrow in the upper left corner doesn’t cause any change and [esc] doesn’t either. I don’t see any answer to this.

I’ve moved to a newer mac with OS 10.14.4 and I still have the same problem.