How can I get the line number column in the Basic IDE to work?

In the Basic IDE, the line # column on the left does not resize when the line # reaches 1000, and the editor does not allow me to move from a line below 1000 to a line above 1000 (and vice versa) except by using the CTRL-L feature. It appears that the IDE does not always properly support line #s above 999, although I can work around the problem by using CTRL-L to move to a certain line #. Is there a way to fix this problem? Thanks

Will the column width increase if, for example, you go to line 1040 (will 104 be displayed), and then click the down arrow or rotate the mouse wheel?

When the editor does allow me to go to a certain line, such as by using CTRL-L, the line numbers are displayed correctly. The problem is that the IDE will not allow me to scroll across the line 1000 “barrier” in either direction. Instead, it yanks the display back to the previous position.

It may be the particular version of LO you’re using. My current LO version is (installed from the Fedora 27 repo) and the line numbers in the Basic IDE appear to work fine, with the column expanding as expected when the line number exceeds 999.