How can i get the menu back in LibO Mac installation

I converted a friend to LibO and the friend uses an Mac Air. Now the menu bar (=windows term; I don’t know the Mac term), where I have FILE, EDIT, INSERT etc got lost and I don’t know how to get it back.

I am aware that this is more a Mac question than a LibO question but I observe this problem only with LibO. Thus I ask the question here and hope someone can give me a hint.

LibO 4.0.3 Mac OS I don’t know and don’t know how to identify the OS.

Thanks in advance for your help.

“Menu bar” is the correct term. It sounds like LO may be in full screen mode. Try CTRL+CMD+F to toggle this mode. This is an operating system “feature” rather than an LO-specific issue.

@oweng - Thanks for the answer. Using ctrl+cmd+f I could get the menu back but I could not toggle the mode. At least I am back to where I wanted to go. Again thanks for help.