How can I have different font size for Japanese and English text?

Libre Office
Mac OS 10.14.6

I write text which is a mixture of Japanese and English. For defining the text properties, I have edited the style “Text Body” to use the font “Raanana” with 12pt. However, Japanes characters (Kanji, Hiragana, …) look too small with this font. Is it possible to modify the style for Japanese characters?

The dialogue window for defining a style has in its “Font” tab a selection box called “Language” (which is set to “English (UK)” in my case). I was wondering whether setting this to something like “Japanese” would allow me do achieve my goal. However, neither “Japanese” nor “Nihongo” occurs in the (long) list of languages in this selection.


  1. Set option LibreOffice -> Preferences -> Language Settings -> Languages -> Section: Default Languages for Documents -> Option: [x] Asian and select Japanese from the drop down (This is a prerequisite to have the following option available)
  2. Under LibreOffice -> Preferences -> LibreOffice Writer -> Basic Fonts (Asian) you may set the fonts and their repective size for Asian (i.e Japanese in your case)

Hope that helps to achieve your goal.