How can I implement invisible duplicates which LibreOffice can detect?

I use LibreOffice for data on organisms with mostly scientific names. The problem occurs when an organism has several synonyms. For example: The asian small-clawed otter is both refered to as Aonyx cinerea and Amblonyx cinereus. I want to be able to put the most used one visible in the cell and the others invisible in the same cell. So when Amblonyx cinereus is visible and I type Aonyx cinerea at the bottom It’s still highlighted, telling me that I have this name already in the data. I was wondering if there was a way that I could do this one way or the other, I’m unable to find any answers on the internet.

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No reasonable way with more than one name for a taxon in the same cell. List the alternative names in adjacent cells of the same row and manage the highlighting by an adapted CF. It’s really not difficult.
If you want the synonyms to be “invisible” simply use a range of coulmns outside of the ordinary view for them.