How can I import accounting data from qfx (Quicken) format into LibreOffice?

My bank uses Quicken for account information.
It will let me download my account (checking) data in (Quicken) qfx format.
There is no Quicken-Linux version.
Any ideas or recommandations?

But maybe there are ways to run it in linux or programs that can import their files.

On other hand, can’t you download account data in other formats like csv, ods, html or xls?

My Bank uses Quicken.
I do not want to use Quicken
or any Microsoft Windows programs.
That is why I use Ubuntu-Gnome.

There is a program called “Homebank”
(available for free in the repository)
that does import Quicken format.

It would be a nice addition to have a
Quicken to Calc/Base converter in Libre Office.

Thank you for your answer “mariosv”.

Ubuntu-Gnome forever!