How can I include an embedded semicolon in a concordance file entry

I’m trying to create an index of scripture references in a book, and some of those references include embedded semicolons, which are also the delimiters in concordance files. Is it possible to specify a different delimiter for a concordance file?

(I never used a concordance file but…)
…if I had your problem I would try this workaround:
Replace the embeded semicolons by the character U+037E in the text and in the search-for columns of the ConcFile. The semicolons used as separators must be unchanged, of course.
U+037E (Greek question mark) should display the same (a very similar?) glyph as U+003B (semicolon) does.
The first one of the following two characters is U+037E, the second one a common semicolon: ;;. Judging from my experiences the editor of this site should keep the information.

Maybe there is also an (undocumented?) escape character for ConcFiles like the backslash in ‘F&R’. I would also try ; for the literal semicolon, but this, of course, not in the text itself.

(This was pure guessing. I just wanted to answer because I am afraid there may be few users here familiar with ConcFiles. I will withdraw this if a clearly competent person posts an answer.)