How can I increase the size/visibility of the pointer in Writer without increasing the font size?

The one thing that holds me up when using Libre Office Writer is finding where the cursor - no, I mean the pointer - has hidden itself. I don’t have brilliant eyesight, but I can drive and don’t need a huge font size either. but I am forever hunting for the damn pointer. Can I make it a bit bigger and fatter with my normal 12pt Liberation Sans?


This is an operating system function. If you are in Windows go to control panel / Mouse. There you can select a different pointer scheme and have control not only over size, but color as well. Linux works similarly. Windows also has an option for the pointer to radiate blinks when you hit the ctrl key.

You can also set the keyboard cursor size and color, I believe under the keyboard applet.

OK. That works - we use Linux, Fedora. I assumed Writer was setting it as it changes to invisible as it moves into Writer territory. I can see the arrowhead thing, no problem. But I have made that bigger and it makes the Writer pointer bigger. So thanks!

Ok great. Please accept that as an Answer, so that others can easily find it.

Ah. Now I know how to do that too!