How can I indent the first line of a paragraph into 5pt?

I’m writing a novel manuscript, and the publisher wants the first line of each paragraph to be 5pt indent. How can I do that? And, what is 5pt in inches? I’m trying to modify it in inches, but I think I’m doing it wrong. Please help me, this is my first time writing a manuscript. Thank you!

PS: The font I’m using is Courier New, size 12.

You do it via the Indents & Spacing Tab. Create a specific Style to apply throughout the manuscript. So:-

  1. (menu) Format|Styles and Formatting (or F11)
  2. (make sure that Paragraph Styles is selected)
  3. select a style close to the one that you want
  4. Click on New Style from Selection (at top, then) New Style from Selection
  5. Give it a name that underscores your undoubted genius & press OK

(that style should now be visible within the sidebar)

(now to fix the Indents)

  1. Use the other mouse-button to click on the style & choose Modify...
  2. Click on Indents & Spacing tab
  3. Adjust to your desire (experiment)

Points & Inches:

Everybody wants a hard & fast answer, and the one normally given is “1 inch = 72 points”. However, life is never so exact in the publishing industry (what if his press is manufactured in Europe? in centimetres?) So ask him - what does “5 points” mean to him?


(an alternative)

(menu):Tools|Options|Writer|General (now choose your measurement unit)