how can I integrate LibreOffice Online with my infrastructure


I would like to integrate LibreOffice Online with my cluster of applications, but I don’t want to use solutions like ownCloud or nextCloud. Is there any documentation (SDK) on how exactly do I need to include LOOL server in my cluster? Which endpoints and protocols should I implement, how to connect LOOL with other services, how to embed the frontend part in my webapp, and so on?

Thank you very much!

I hope this can help:

Collabora …office suites, for both online and desktop solutions…

Thank you for the answer! Of course, I’ve checked Collabora as well, but it is commercial and I need free open source. Plus, I didn’t find the sdk for colabora as well.

Please, read this:

[LibreOffice Online](

Thank you! I came here exactly from that page )))) This is just an overview with no details on how to implement it. I read this all and understand, that yes - LOOL is exactly what I need. Noew I need to understand how to integrate it in my environment. This is what I need.

Now I need to understand how to integrate it in my environment.

I can’t help you there.

You would have to know your infrastructure and even then I can't help you.
It should be done by someone who has experience with it.

He could still contact here.

There I have only one more hint for you:

professional support

Collabora Online is free and open source. You can even download a Collabora Online Development Edition (CODE) with or without Docker to set up your own. However, if you want a nifty integration or things done differently and support then I think it’s only fair to buy that from them, they are a major contributor to LibreOffice and its ecosystem.

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Hell0 @mikeflat

Do you know YUNOHOST?
YunoHost is an operating system aiming for the simplest administration of a server

See, about Collabora Online, Collabora | Yunohost Documentation

If you are somehow engaged with that Yunohost:

Collabora is an online office suite

Please tell them that Collabora is not an office suite, but a company, creating lots of stuff, Collabora Online being one of them.

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Please note:
Collabora Office is not Collabora Online.

Collabora Office ist the LibreOffice version from Collabora with LTS support, Centralised deploy management, …

You always need a host application that provides the file management. If you have something like that, you can connect COOL/CODE via WOPI.

There are a lot of integrations where the integration is documented in a comprehensible way. Example:


EGroupware Community Manager

I know, it was a typo and Collabora Online is free and open source as well. The CODE reference should had clarified that.

Thank you for your complement.

Is there a way to have BASIC scripts working on a Calc online application?


Should be, because the backend is a LibreOffice instance.

Please use own questions, this is not an answer to original question.

In addition, these questions are better asked at - just because most experts on Online are there.

But - see how this functionality is added to Collabora Online; e.g. this commit mentioning the function showing in tabbed UI when enabled in coolwsd.xml.


Thank you for your feedback. @mikekaganski

My question is here: BASIC script and Coolprop Extension - Installation & Configuration - Collabora Online