How can I keep the invisible GUI running when closing the Switchboard?

Hy guys,

i have a little problem you will see it in my test.odb file. I started with openoffice and now i am useing Libreoffice.
You can get it from my post in the German forum:

Fehler beim Bericht schließen durch ausgeblendete GUI -

I post this problem in some forums. In the German forum you will find the links to the other sites.

You need some Extension to run it:

(Libreoffice: Reportbuilder available)


Oracle Reportbuilder

And you have to register the database in openoffice!

If you open the file you will see the switchboard. There you can open the form “Mitarbeiter”. Now mark one and press the button “bericht”.
A report will be created.
If you close the Report by clicking on x the report will be closed.

But If you add the function unvisible_Gui in the StartOpenOfficeMain there is a problem if you try the same again.
If you close the report the switchboard will be closed too!


Sub StartOpenOfficeMain   
      '   unvisible_Gui   
End Sub   

can you help or tell me the mistake (sorry for my bad english)

@juergen – Are you still looking for an Answer to your question?

Surely, this is a problem with the switchboard extension, and not LibreOffice as such ?
The unvisible-Gui routine must activate a “connection dispose”, which will necessarily cause the whole ODB file to be shut down. If the basic db connection is disposed of, OO/LO has no way of knowing how to connect back to it again as the switchboard extension must, I assume, use some form of independent frame referencing (parent/child window management). How do we know that the bug isn’t in Switchboard code?

It might help us more if you could post the unvisible_Gui code