How Can I Keep The Start Center Open?

I find the libre office start center very useful to organize y work, which spans many files. When I click on a file, the start center closes and the file opens. I would like to keep the start center opened to select new files. Is there a way to achieve this?


How Can I Keep The Start Center Open?

Not at all

The functionality offered by the start center is available through the menus:

  • File>New>document type for new documents
  • File>Recent Documents for documents recently opened with LO

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Not really – the start center provides an visual overview and in the case you are only working on one project, kind of a project management tool for libre office projects, which is the actual feature I am looking for.

Workaround. If you have Windows you can create a new folder then drag/create shortcuts from the files you work on in it. Change view to large icons or extra large icons. You can then leave the folder open while you work.

@EarnestAl: your workaround is also valid with other OS’es, at least MacOS and Linux. Most desktop managers have an option to decorate large icons with a view of the content.

I never found a way to have the Start Center remain open while working on a document.
I have lot’s of documents and at 76 I found it difficult to read the titles for what document I need from the start center page, so I made my on start center Libre page by putting in hyperlinks to other local C drive documents like it does except I can have multiple documents opened at same time on taskbar . . The CTRL key when held down allows the links to be clickable. I’m now able to pretty up the links with large bold colored font styles and set into tables having different background colors for category purposes. Each link has a thorough description beside it. I use the search feature by typing in a few wildcard letters to search into those descriptions for instantly landing on the document link I want. I discovered that the hyperlinks give the ability to open a document beside another open document on the Windows task bar. It does that by loading additional instances of LibreOffice, and you can make as many of those as you want side by side just by clicking those links inside the page. Another benefit of this link method is you can hover the mouse over any one of the opened Lebre icons on the taskbar to expand all of them at the same time into a line of 2 inch thumbnails from which to just slide the mouse across each to peek inside the document (fully displayed) before choosing it for use .I use Windows 7 to do that, but I expect Windows 10 has that same feature. I don’t think Linux has that ability.

If you’re talking about a reduced content view of expanded taskbar icons, Linux has it. Or rather, not Linux but the desktop manager you are using. They are not all equal. KDE Plasma which I use has the feature.

In Linux, what method did you use to peak into a document without actually clicking on the taskbar icon ? I tried it on my Linux Mint and couldn’t find a way. With Windows 7, I don’t click anything, I just move the mouse pointer over any Libre icon. For example I might have 4 Libre icons setting in the taskbar and when I move my mouse over any one of them, it causes all four to drop down a line of fairly large thumbnails (realizable by the way) and from there I can just temporarily slide my mouse back and fourth across all of them to expand each into the full page document for viewing without opening them. If I want to open any for editing, I simply just click into one. I fell in love with that Windows feature a long time ago! I use Linux only for online safety.

As I already mentioned, it depends on the desktop manager. I installed KDE Plasma. When you hover the mouse over the taskbar icons (active apps), a temporary “alert” (a kind of tooltip) pops up showing a reduced view of windows controlled by this app. Not very legible but sufficient to click on the selected document. It doesn’t show the raw document contents but the present state of the window if it were frontmost. Maybe not exactly what you are looking for.

The file browser (in my case Dolphin or Konqueror) has an option to create a thumbnail with document contents to replace the standard icon.