How can I link my Gmail account to Libre for sending documents?

I want to associate my Gmail account with my Libre programmes in order to directly email documents. Please could someone advise how to do this?

This is possible only if you don’t use the webmail interface, i.e. don’t connect to with your web browser.

If you use a specialised email program like Outlook, Thunderbird, kmail, …, you can configure LO with Tools>Options, Internet>Email and tell it which program is yours.

But, from my point of view, don’t do it. With modern multiwindow, multi-tasking OS’es, you’re as fast to create an email in your mailer and to attach the LO document as to File>Send>Email document. You have more versatility.

Remember, it does not work with webmail interface because it requires both to designate the web browser, the mail URL, user-id and password. And supposing it could work, you’d have also to tell in which browser tab you find the webmail.

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Thank you; I’ll stop trying now. But a solution to do this would be a good thing.

The solution does not depend on LO. Two prerequisites are needed: some API to webmail service (provider responsibility) and also a scripting ability to control the browser. It is much simpler and more reliable to work with a “professional” mailer program because the API already exists.

Thank you for responding. I won’t pretend to know all the ins and outs about this, but I do know that gmail is the most widely used email provider in the world. And I do know that I’ve used several programs (apps, nowadays) on my phone and other, that can send files directly to a gmail account.

In the meantime I’ll just send LO created files from options within Gmail.


The solution for this on a desktop-computer is to use/install an Email-Program ( the kind of software used before AppStore etc was known ). I use Thunderbird and it actually communicates with gmail. (I can’t use it with LO, as Desktop-Integration by Windows goes to my primary mail-account, wich is not gmail.)
One of the conditions to meet is you have to allow “insecure” software to access your gmail account (naming by google, IMHO to deterr you from using anything other than gmail). Some people wrote, this is not possible to set up now for new accounts - I didn’t test.

? Sure, they have a client on every Android device, but actually on my devices gmail transports 99% automated stuff from installed apps etc. “My” email is routed seldom over gmail.
The setup above I need to have access to the google-entry for my company, and we route mails for gmails-customers there, especially when google changes rules sometimes and does not “speak” to some domains (You guess: “insecure” configuration…).
Basically Google is working “on the net” and tries to lure us from Desktop to the net with gmail and google-docs. Using/supporting offline desktop-software will never be their main target. So always expect problems here.

It is not impossible. But as LibreOffice does not include a replacement for M$-Outlook, there is also no direct communication to gmail.
It is a free world, so if anybody volunteers to write an extension…

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I’m unsure what you mean; if my guess is correct, and you mean that LibreOffice’s File → Send → Email Document opens a compose window with another account pre-selected, it’s a different story, a matter of choosing the default in TB, or changing the pre-selected choice in the compose window manually.

You guessed right. I have choosen another account as default in Thunderbird. So no problem a person would have, who uses only gmail.