how can i make a cell linkable to another spreadsheet

I have 300+customers in calc master list. i want to be able to click on 1name and have it linked to a spreadsheet that shows that customers purchasing activity

You could try hyperlinking each name to its document with one of two methods.

In the cell containing the name in your master document you could enter the formula
Change the path to point to the pertinent file and target, and likewise the client’s name.

Otherwise, select your name cell, Insert Hyperlink (Ctrl/Cmd-K) and enter the file location including any necessary targets (e.g., “#$Sheet1.$A1”).

I realize you’re dealing with 300+ entries and possibly, like @MarkMcLean suggested, a macro would be more efficient. It’s your call. Good luck!

If I am understanding!? Enter = where you want results to show, and than just go to whatever sheet/cell you want and hit enter.

I do that to update the running total from the detail list to the master list. What I need is for me clicking on the name cell the link takes me to their history page - not just a cell

Oh, I do such with macro assigned to a button. I don’t know how one could do such by clicking a cell.