How can I make a chart stay visible while scrolling?

In Calc, is there a way to have a chart “float” in front of the cells, so that it is always visible when scrolling through the data?

I already have header rows locked, and I tried to anchor the chart to one of those cells but it didn’t work.

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Split the window below the chart, ie. select a row and menu View → Split Window, then scroll in the lower view area.

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Thanks erAck. Yes that’s what I decided to do. Not exactly a perfect solution, but it works well enough.


The solution that offers the most flexibility for resizing the window is WindowNew Window.

Otherwise, there is a macro for this on a French-speaking forum. It is necessary:

  • to allow the macros to be executed,
  • to adapt names (chart & sheet) at the beginning of the program.


Thanks Pierre