How can I make an index of figures without visible captions?

I have an index of figures or illustrations without visible captions.

So far I have created a special “cap” style and added the captions, created an index of “cap” styles then modified the “cap” style to be hidden. When I need to update the index, I have to:

  1. make the cap style visible
  2. update the index
  3. move to an illustration and modify the cap style to be hidden. (the move is important, otherwise the text in the index gets hidden.)

Because the cap style is hidden the index links don’t work, which is not a huge worry but an additional annoyance.

Surely there is a simpler way to do this.

MacOS Lion, LibreOffice

I feel it would be very helpful/ necessary that you give more information on the styles you created - maybe screen shots of the tabs you modified.