How can I make an object disappear in Impress?

Hi there,

I use LIbreOffice Impress for my presentation, and often use Animations to remove objects from screen (when I give my audience the answer, etc.).

However, I sometimes need to remove them in different order, and I am just wondering if I can use “Interactions” for that purpose. There is no such action in “Action at mouse click” but if someone knows the way around it, please let me know.


  • Select an object
  • Choose menu View - Animation (you can access the Custom Animation pane from the Sidebar)
  • Press Add Effect button (+)
  • For Category: choose Exit
  • Select an Effect:
  • Press Options button (beside Direction:), and in Effect tab set After animation: to Hide on next animation (may be a bug there)
  • (Press Options button,) and in Timing tab set Start effect on click of: and select the object name

See LibreOffice Help on Animating Objects in Presentation Slides

Tested with LibreOffice (x86); OS: Windows 6.1.

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Thank you for your info. It worked pefect! I am also pleased that I can use this on-click (=trigger) animation in addition to the regular animation.

This will give me a better way to make a presentation. Thank you very much. I really really appreciate it.

You’re welcome!